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Below you will find promotional materials that you can print and share with your organization.  You can use them as they are or contact us if you’d like them customized to suit your needs.  We have many more materials for you to use, simply contact us if you would like to see more materials.

"How to Use the EAP" Handout

These generic newsletters are a great way to inform employees and management about how to use the array of EAP services available to them

How to use the EAP - for Employees

How to use the EAP - for HR and Management

Register for Health, Wellness, or Benefit Fair

If you would like to schedule a Health and Wellness or Benefit Fair for your employees, please complete the fillable request form and return it to us.  We will contact you when we have received your form.

Health and Wellness or Benefits Fair Request Form

Electronic Promotions

Posters - Hang these posters in your workplace to remind staff about the many benefits available to them through First Sun.

Paycheck Stuffers - Distribute these items to your staff to remind them about the many benefits available to them through First Sun.

Slide Show Posters - Display these slides on your closed circuit television system.

Newsletters - Electronic newsletters are available for automatic delivery to your inbox.

Posters Paycheck Stuffers Slide Show Posters
Adoption Adoption Adoption
Anger Management Anger Management Anger Management
Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety
Beating Burnout   Beating Burnout
Beating Depression Beating Depression Beating Depression
Blended Families Blended Families Blended Families
Child Care Child Care Child Care
Child Drug Use Child Drug Use Child Drug Use
College Consultation College Consultation College Consultation
Communication Communication Communication
Counseling Counseling Counseling
Coworker Conflict Coworker Conflict Coworker Conflict
Domestic Violence Awareness Domestic Violence Awareness Domestic Violence Awareness
Elder Care Elder Care Elder Care
Financial Planning Financial Planning Financial Planning
Grief and Loss Grief and Loss Grief and Loss
Healthy Holidays Healthy Holidays Healthy Holidays
Identity Theft Identity Theft Identity Theft
Internet Safety Internet Safety Internet Safety
Keep your Resolution Keep your Resolution Keep your Resolutions
Legal Resources Legal Resources Legal Resources
Life Management Services Life Management Services Life Management Services
Managing Change   Managing Change
Managing Debt   Managing Debt
New Parent New Parent New Parent
Online Resources Online Resources Online Resources
Pain Management Pain Management Pain Management
Parenting Teens   Parenting Teens
Pet Care Pet Care Pet Care
Relationship Conflict Relationship Conflict Relationship Conflict
Safety Tips Safety Tips Safety Tips
School Days Are Coming School Days Are Coming School Days Are Coming
Self Confidence Self Confidence Self Confidence
Services Overview Services Overview Services Overview
Stress Management Stress Management Stress Management
Substance Use Substance Use Substance Use
Summer Care Summer Care Summer Care
Underperformance at Work Underperformance at Work Underperformance at Work
Veterans' Benefits and Services Veterans' Benefits and Services Veterans' Benefits and Services


Electronic newsletters are available for automatic delivery to your inbox.

Leadership Employee
January - How to Change a Toxic Workplace January - Looking at Happiness as a Choice
Leadership Employee
December - Consequences of Poor Leadership December - Seven Ways to Beat the Burnout Blues
November - Challenging, Motivating and Inspiring Others November - How to Lower Your Financial Stress
October - Anti-bullying: The Be Kind Movement October - 12 Ways to Keep the Holidays Stress-free
September - Behavioral Health Disability in the Workplace September - Your Teen's SOS Signals
August - The "Must Have" Leadership Skill Every Leader Needs August - Work Right: How to Improve Your Productivity
July - Problem Performance and Behaviores July - Positive Ways to Accept Criticism
June - Managing Gender Transition in the Workplace June - Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body
May - Four Ways to Contribute to a Healthy Workplace Culture May - Curb Emotional Eating
April - The Four Greatest Challenges Faced by Leaders in the Workplace April - Less Is More: How to Simplify Your Life
March - Four Skills that Make a Great Leader March - Coping with Workplace Change
February - The Importance of Training managers to be Leaders February - Taxes 101
January - New HR Professionals January - How to Develop a Can-do Personality
Leadership Employee
December - Addressing Unprofessional Behavior at Work December - The Power of Meditation
November - Mining for Conflict and Finding Gold November - How to be Assertive, Not Aggressive, at Work
October - Preparing Next Generation Front-line Managers October - Your 401 (k) and Prudently Managing It
September - Grief and Resilience: Helping Employees Return to Work After a Loss September - How to Plan for Long-term Care
August - Protecting Your Workplace from Threats of Domestic Violence August - Dealing With Cranky Co-Workers
July - Can You Be Both a Boss and a Friend? July - What is Internet Addiction?
June - Five Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment June - Understanding the Stress/Health Connection
May - When Suicide Enters the Workplace May - The Right Estate Plan for You
April - Your Weekend Plan to Rest and Rejuvenate April - Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids
March - Four Secrets to Engaged Employees March - Bring Healthy Habits into the Workplace
February - Keeping a Healthy and Safe Workplace in the Midst of the Opioid Epidemic February - Give Your Diet a Nutritional Tune-Up
January - Three Steps for Successfully Handling Feedback January - Five Financial Resolutions for a Prosperous New Year


December - Four Emotional Intelligence Practices to Up Your Leadership Game December - Raise Your Emotional Intelligence at Work
November - Supporting New Parents in the Workplace November - Returning to Work as a New Parent
October - Tips for Leaders on Avoiding Burnout October - Beat Burnout and Reclaim Your Life
September - How to Manage Teams through the Process of Forgiving September - Forgiveness: The Key to a Happier and Healthier Lifestyle
August - Managing Civility and Incivility in the Workplace August - Practicing Civility in Your Workplace
July - It's Time to Prepare for Generation Z's Entrance into the Workplace July - Generations in the Workplace
June - Working with a Parent of a Special Needs Child June - Special Needs in the Workplace
May - Creating a Culture of Happy at Work May - Cultivating Happiness
April - Social Media Presence April - Social Media at Work
March - Supervising the Sandwich Generation March - Our House is a Very Full House
February - Six Secrets to Motivating Your Team Members February - Don't Get Left Behind - Get Motivated
January - How to Manage Workplace Gossip January - How to Stop Office Gossip
Leadership Employee
December - Help for the Holiday Blues December - Happy Holidays?
November - The Negative Impact of Bringing Personal Legal Issues to Work. November - What if I can't pay my mortgage?
October - Alzheimer's Disease in the Workplace October - Alzheimer's Disease: Caring for Yourself and Your Loved One
September - Workplace, Managers and Suicide Prevention September - Helping Someone Who Is Suicidal
August - Avoiding Medical Identity Theft August - Preventing Identity Theft
July - Pets in the Workplace July - The Benefit of Pet Ownership
June - Team Building June - Teamwork and Team Building
May - Managing Remote Team Members May - Teamwork makes the dream work!
April - Create a Welcoming Workplace April - Healthy Workplace
March - Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Workplace March - How Drug and Alcohol Abuse Affects the Family
February - Priority Management February - Be Your Personal Best
January - Annual Checkup January - Talking with your Boss
Leadership Employee
December - Are You Actively Communicating December - Talking with Your Boss
November - Help for the Holidays November - A Healthy Approach to Money Can Mean a Healthier Family
October - Balancing Work and Cancer October - Be the Boss Over Cancer
September - Build Your Stamina September - Living a Resilient Life
August - Are There Bullies in Your Workplace August -  What is Workplace Bullying
July - How to Use Your EAP with Problems in the Workplace July - Communicating with Your Boss at Work
June - How to Capitalize on Veterans in Your Workplace June - Veterans at Work
May - Vacation.  It's not a Dirty Word. May - Employees: Vacation Is a Good Thing!
April - Marijuana in the Workplace April - Marijuana: Finding Facts in a Haze of Information
March - Wellness and Walt Disney March - What is Wellness Anyway?
February - Collaboration and Inclusion February - Are you a Team Player?
January - Get Rid of Pounds of Clutter January - Staying Organized at Work
July - Are Your Children Safe Online?
June - Balance Work Life and Personal Life
May - Three Methods to Help You Manage Your Stress
April - "Mind Your Manners" in the Workplace
March - Communicating with Body Language
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