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What is the function of First Sun's Consulting and Training Department?

First Sun’s Consulting and Training Department  provides organizational consultation, coaching and training.  These services are designed to complement the individual and management services offered through the EAP.  First Sun’s Training and Development Consultants work with EAP customers and other leaders who express a desire for assistance in improving overall organizational success.  These services can be purchased independently or integrated with those of the EAP.

What experience does the First Sun team have?

Our staff members have a proven track record helping EAP and organizational customers resolve both routine and critical personnel concerns since 1992.  In addition to degrees and licenses in the human services field, we have extensive business experience and training in organizational dynamics.  Being a South Carolina owned and operated company, we are also familiar with the cultural, economic and environmental influences that impact individuals and businesses in our area.

What do First Sun organizational consultants do?

We partner with leaders to discover new ways to resolve persistent organizational, operational and leadership challenges.  We use the following steps:

  • We complete a free assessment to help us understand the concerns and desired results
  • We seek to understand the culture and workplace practices of the organization
  • We establish clear measures for results that will demonstrate return on investment
  • We tailor strategies to capitalize on the unique strengths and abilities of the organization
  • We follow through to assure success

Why are these services important to customers?

Our services are designed to reduce organizational risk and enhance organizational health.  By partnering with us, leaders meet their professional goals and get results they can measure in real dollars.

Who uses organizational consultation services?

Leaders from organizations that are struggling to succeed or from those that are already successful and wanting to become a leader in their field

What makes First Sun’s organizational consultants different from other consultants?

  • Our commitment to understanding concerns, needs and desired results before we offer solutions. Our assessment is free.
  • Our integrity – we won’t offer a solution unless we are convinced it will be effective
  • Our team approach (staff with different skills and partners who offer complementary services) to developing strategies that are creative and adapted to the organizations’ strengths
  • Our measurement of success in terms of organizational results, professional goals and bottom line dollars
  • Our follow-through, which facilitates lasting change
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