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Legal Services Summary

At some point in life, many of us find ourselves needing the assistance of an attorney.  Most people know that an attorney can give advice after you are in trouble, but the best time to consult an attorney is before you become too embattled in a legal problem.  Preventative law is the most valuable service an attorney can perform for you and those who depend on you.

Legal consultations are provided by licensed attorneys who can help you deal with common issues such as rights as a consumer or if you somehow become the subject of an investigation by law enforcement.  Also, our attorneys can work with our financial consultants to provide legal guidance with the purchase or sale of real estate or the legal impact of bankruptcy.  First Sun EAP attorneys are skilled at giving advice about confusing language in legal papers, and are even knowledgable about personal matters such as divorce, child support and custody issues.  Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of legal issues and are available for a free initial telephonic consultation (in-person can be arranged).

When you call, you can speak with someone right away or schedule a time that is convenient for you. Attorneys are available weekdays until 8 p.m. EST. After an assessment of your needs by our Intake Specialist, you will be connected with our legal group who will provide you with the telephone number of an attorney who specializes in the area of law you require. You will be able to contact that attorney at your leisure for a free 30 minute consultation.


The EAP legal consultation service is not intended to be a comprehensive, "attorney on retainer" service for extended legal problems.  It can however, be a source of relief for the more common legal headaches and a place to start if you do not know who to call.  After the legal consultation, you are welcome to discuss representation with that attorney at a discounted rate available through your EAP.

Resources for legal documents such as a simple will, living will or power of attorney document are also available.

To have documents prepared by an attorney for a fee, please give us a call at 800-968-8143 and we will refer you to an attorney. Should you wish to use our software assisted service to create your own free documents, click on the link below to login to our Premium Wellness and Training Resources. Register if you haven't already, and click on the legal tile. 

Free Legal Forms and Articles

(downloadable and fillable forms with software guidance)



Legal PowerPoint

Legal Services Training Learn all about the Legal services your EAP offers by licensed attorneys and how they can work for you by viewing this PowerPoint presentation.



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