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Gossip. Tattles and Rumors. They cause a culture of distrust within an organization. Come learn how to reduce negativity and conflict while building trust and respect. Leave with a clear path for your team to perform their best.
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First Sun now has video counseling available for your EAP sessions.  Click here for more information or give us a call!

Generations in the Workplace Podcast
Learn all about how having multiple generations working side by side affects your workplace by listening to our podcast.

Alcohol affects productivity and increases health care costs.  Discover how this is affecting your bottom line. Substance Abuse Calculator

Employee Orientation Video and Onsite Orientation Sessions – DVD and video versions of our orientation are available to orient workers to our services and how to access them. We also have a version online.  Click here to view it now.  Train-the-trainer services are available so you can conduct orientations if you wish.  Onsite training by First Sun personnel may also be arranged.  Contact us to request services.

Manager and Supervisor Training Video and Onsite Self Paced Online Training – A web-based manager/supervisor training is available for self-paced study.  Click here to view it now.  A brief video is available to orient managers and supervisors to the consultation services available to them and the workers they supervise.  Click here to see it now.  Train-the-trainer guides are available so your personnel can conduct orientations if you wish. Onsite training with First Sun personnel may be arranged.  Contact us to request guides or onsite services.

Training included in your EAP Contract – Several training opportunities are available throughout the year.  They are available to all different audiences of your workplace including workers, managers/supervisors and HR/Leadership. To learn more about these trainings, Click here.  First Sun also offers a wide range of training on a fee for service basis.  Read more... 

Consultation Services – Certified Employee Assistance Professionals are available 24/7 to consult with Human Resource professionals and management team members about a variety of individual worker concerns (i.e. absenteeism, productivity, co-worker conflicts, or other workplace behavioral problems).  We also have pre-written sample policies that may aid your company in its preparation toward addressing workplace issues in the future. Read More...

Workplace Risk Management – A specialized team of risk management consultants is available 24/7 to assist in managing behavioral risks regarding job performance, crisis management, absenteeism, substance abuse and behavioral concerns.

The following are simple steps to making a formal workplace referral:

  1. Call us toll free at 800-968-8143 or 803-376-2668 in Greater Columbia
  2. Speak with a Risk Manager to receive support and guidance on ways to address your workplace issue.
  3. Complete and return the following documents.                                       
    • Workplace Referral Form  - briefly outlines the performance problems   
    •  Statement of Understanding - for the employee to sign agreeing to use services, noting that the workplace referral process has been explained to them
    •  Workplace Referral Release of Information - for the employee to sign to allow us to speak with management ONLY about whether or not the employee is participating in the EAP and get feedback about workplace improvement.                                                                  
  4. Receive continued support from our Risk Managers who will work with you and your employees to help resolve workplace issues.              

* We have discovered that certain nuances of consulting language do not always translate with accuracy as intended.   In an effort to improve our workplace services to you and your employees, if you have feedback regarding the Spanish translations of these documents, we would appreciate your call.   

EAP Strategy Planning, Promotions and Reporting – A First Sun Certified Employee Assistance Professional will work with you to plan a strategy for getting the most out of your EA program.  We can design specific promotions, consult on training needs of the organization and review reports to adjust services as necessary.  

EAP Return On Investment
There is greater pressure than ever before to justify all business expenditures.  The effectiveness of employee assistance is typically measured by utilization numbers, quality assurance reports and word of mouth scenarios.  While these measures provide meaningful feedback, they don’t demonstrate a bottom line return on investment.  If desired, we help our customers create ways to measure the real dollar impact of employee assistance on concerns such as absenteeism, turnover, worker’s comp claims, litigation, and other similar risks.

For immediate, 24-hour assistance please call 800-968-8143 or 803-376-2668 in Greater Columbia.

Or email us to request information about First Sun EAP services or appointments.  Emails are opened Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 to 5:00 EST and are generally answered in the same business day.  Emails are not checked on major holidays or weekends.  Email correspondence via the Internet is not a confidential way to communicate with us.  If security is a concern for you please call instead of using Internet email.

Got a question?  Check out our FAQ, email us or give us a call at 800-968-8143 or 803-376-2668 in Greater Columbia.  See if First Sun services are a good match for you. Calling us is the right call.

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