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For First Sun EAP, service to human resource professionals and management is our keystone.  We believe serving and supporting leadership is the way to achieve the greatest impact on overall worker productivity and organizational success.  

You will experience a difference in working with First Sun, because we do business according to our beliefs.  Some of the differences are as follows:

We have a person answering our phones rather than an automated menu system.  We do this because we believe it is more helpful to talk to a person rather than navigate a menu.
We are more staff heavy than our competitors.  The First Sun service model consists of a core staff of Certified Employee Assistance Professionals working as a team with someone always dedicated to be available for immediate service.  We believe that it is important to have an expert available when you need one and we believe that service quality and quality of life suffer when too few workers are burdened with too much.
We have specialized departments for risk management and Consulting & Training.  We have seen and researched the problems that South Carolina businesses face and we believe this is the best way to assist our customers in their success.
We have a broad reach without losing our local touch.  We have solid knowledge of our local providers, resources, culture and customers.  When we serve workers outside the region, we work with the Workplace Collaborative.  They are an "invitation only", group of best practice EAPs in the US and Canada.  We are the South Carolina member of the Workplace Collaborative.

Got a question?  Check out our FAQ, email us or give us a call at 800-968-8143 or 803-376-2668 in Greater Columbia.  See if First Sun services are a good match for you. Calling us is the right call.

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