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Human Resources and Management have to make tough calls that often involve the lives of others.  What was the last hard decision you had to make that affected another worker?  First Sun EAP consultants are available to assist you with almost any behavioral workplace concern.

We offer you guidance with the unpleasant and difficult tasks of appropriately confronting workers with job concerns.  Whether addressing a routine issue like absenteeism or a more demanding concern like sexual harassment or fitness for duty, we are available to help make the task easier for all concerned.  Our consultants are skilled and experienced in developing strategies and resources to address each unique issue.  Our work with you is typically done telephonically.  

Consultation is not an admission of failure.  On the contrary, seeking professional assistance to deal with difficult issues is good management.  Moreover, talking with one of our consultants does not commit you to anything.  The decision to confront an individual, take disciplinary action or refer to the EAP remains completely in your hands.


Job Performance Support: Are you puzzled by someone's behavior at work?  Frustrated that the work isn't getting done?  Sometimes workers haven't been trained well.  Sometimes it's just a poor job match.  At other times, they are so discouraged it seems they don't want to do the job.  First Sun offers free consultation to you on these kinds of job problems. Workplace consultation can help a worker be successful.  If you'd like a sounding board as to what to do next, call First Sun EAP.

Help for Workers with Drug or Alcohol Problems: Have you ever wondered if someone you work with might have a drug or alcohol problem?  It might be that the person is coming in late, missing deadlines, occasionally has slurred speech or is edgy with co-workers. Managers and supervisors are sometimes not sure how to address this issue.  First Sun EAP consultants are available to help support your company's policies, clarify concerns about on the job behavior and help you find your footing in addressing these concerns.  Finding help for workers in need is easier with a team approach.

Drug Free Workplace Program: If you are concerned that your company lacks sufficient policies or guidelines, First Sun EAP consultants are available to assist your company in designing a Drug Free Workplace Program that complies with state and federal regulations and may qualify your company for discounts on workers' compensation premiums if applicable.  First Sun EAP consultants are available to conduct related training programs on a fee-for-service basis.

Critical Incidents: What would you do if there was a life-threatening crisis at work?  Folks in leadership roles in the workplace are expected to respond to crises of all kinds.  Arguments, accidents, the death of a worker off-site, or the death of a worker in the workplace --- how do you handle such things?  One place to call is First Sun EAP.  We can help you with the unexpected any time of day or night.

We are here to meet your needs, find solutions together and to make a difference in your workplace and in your life.  Giving us a call is the right call.  For immediate, 24-hour assistance please call 800-968-8143 or 803-376-2668 in Greater Columbia.

Or email us to request information about First Sun EAP services or appointments.  Emails are opened Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 to 5:00 EST and are generally answered in the same business day.  Emails are not checked on major holidays or weekends.  Email correspondence via the Internet may not be the most secure or confidential way to communicate with us.  If security is a concern for you please call instead of using Internet email.

Got a question?  Check out our FAQ, email us or give us a call at 800-968-8143 or 803-376-2668 in Greater Columbia.  See if First Sun services are a good match for you. Calling us is the right call.

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