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Frequently Asked Questions  

Question.  How do I join the First Sun EAP Provider Network?

Answer.  Just download the network provider forms, complete them and email, mail or fax them back to us with the other required documents.  We will review them to determine eligibility and fit with our network and will contact you.  Please email or call us at 803-978-9900 if you have questions.   

Question.  Once a provider, how do I receive referrals from First Sun?

Answer.  When clients call us for a referral, we do our best to match them with providers who can best meet their needs.  What we need from you to be able to do this, is information about the kinds of clients you like to work with, your hours and any other information about your practice that will help us match client with provider. We collect this on our network provider forms.

Question.  How do I get paid for services I have provided?

Answer.  At the time of referral, we will send you an Authorization.  After meeting with a client, please enter all authorized sessions via our online billing system or on the Network Service Log which you send us via secure email, fax or mail.  All session activity must be received by us by the 6th of each month.  For helpful instructions on billing, download our Reimbursement Procedures. 

Question.  My authorization has expired but my client still needs services.  What do I do?

Answer.  Authorizations expire at the end of an employer’s contract year or if the contract ends.  An expiration date is on each authorization you receive.  When the authorization has expired, please have the client call to verify he/she is still eligible for EAP benefits. If so, we will issue and send a new authorization to you.  If the contract ends prior to the expiration of the authorization (not typical) you will be notified. 

Question.  I have a complicated client I am working with.  Can you help?

Answer.  Yes, we are happy to help!  We offer free peer support for staffing challenging cases.  While we don’t offer clinical supervision, we do have Certified Employee Assistance Professionals and Licensed Professional Counselors who are glad to consult with you on difficult matters. 

Question.  Do you have clients in my location?

Answer.  First Sun EAP is a South Carolina based EAP.  Therefore, the majority of clients we work with are in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia.  However, we do contract with several companies who have offices/facilities in other states.  To best determine if we have need of a provider in your location, please email or call us at 803-978-9900.   

Question.  Does First Sun EAP contract directly with treatment facilities?

Answer.  No, however, we do appreciate receiving information about treatment facilities so we can stay up-to-date on resources for our clients.
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