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First Sun EAP financial counselors are available to help you assess your financial needs.  Sometimes reorganizing budgets and priorities can resolve the problems at hand.  If necessary, a referral to debt management or bankruptcy services can be arranged so you can get a handle on overwhelming debt.

We have Certified Financial experts who work with you telephonically or online to help you understand your credit score, figure out how to manage money when you marry or divorce, how to handle tax concerns and anything in between.  While we do not offer loans or direct financial assistance, we are knowledgeable about lending practices and can help you understand how to watch out for predatory lenders (cash advance and title loan companies).  

For those who want to create a savings plan for a special vacation, college expenses, or plan for retirement, we can help with that. If financial concerns are affecting your personal and family relationships, we have counselors who can assist you as well. Let us help ease your burden.

When you call, you can work with an expert right away or schedule a time after work that is convenient for you. Counselors are available weekdays until 7 p.m. EST.

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