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As part of the continuous improvement process at First Sun Employee Assistance Program, we have developed this survey to measure your satisfaction with the services we are providing to you, your company and your workers.
Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and return it to us. Your input is extremely valuable in ensuring we continue to meet the specific needs of your company. If you have any additional input, please either attach it to the survey or call me toll free at 1-800-968-8143.
I also want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for allowing us to provide services to you. It is our intention to provide outstanding customer service to you. Please let me know if there is ever anything we can do to improve our service or to meet your needs.
Most Sincerely,
Diana Wicker, Corporate Communications
Name: Position:
Worker Services          
Are the office locations of the network providers convenient for your employees?   Yes No
Are EAP appointment hours convenient for your employees?   Yes No
Is our staff responsive to your worker's calls or requests?   Yes No
Is the selection of Life Management services valuable?   Yes No
Manager Consultation Services          
This year, have you or your leadership team consulted with us about a workplace or performance problem?   Yes No
When you call, is our staff responsive to your management/supervisory staff calls or requests?   Yes No
Do you find consultation with the EAP on performance issues to be helpful?   Yes No
Have a majority of the problems improved?   Yes No
Has First Sun provided training for your company?   Yes No
Name of Training:
Has the training met your expectations?   Yes No
Please describe:
Do you have any suggestions for training topics?
Organizational Consultation/Organizational Development          
Have you utilized Organizational Consulting to address issues that affect the bottom line?   Yes No
Has there been a measurable impact on the bottom line?   Yes No
Please describe:
Would you like to learn more about unused services?   Yes No
Did you receive an adequate number of promotions from us in the past year?   Yes No
Did you receive promotions for your Leadership staff?   Yes No
Do you have a copy of the Employee Orientation DVD/video?   Yes No
Do you have a copy of the Manager/Supervisor training DVD/video?   Yes No
Do you receive the newsletters and flyers by e-mail?   Yes No
If yes, are you able to place these on an intranet or server system for your staff to access?   Yes No
Are you able to forward these items by e-mail to your staff?   Yes No
Are you able to print these items out to distribute to your staff?   Yes No
If no, did you receive samples of the newsletters and flyers by US Postal Service?   Yes No
Do you use any other means to distribute information to your staff?
Quality Assurance          
Do our reports provide clear and useful information?   Yes No
Have you found the staff members of the EAP to have conducted themselves professionally?   Yes No
Have you encountered any problems with the EAP services?   Yes No
If yes, please describe the problem.
If yes, did you report the problem to someone at the EAP?   Yes No
If yes, how did the EAP staff member respond?
Was the problem resolved?   Yes No
What suggestions would you make for our improvement with the EAP?
Would you be willing to provide a testimonial of services delivered to your company and/or your staff about First Sun EAP or First Sun Solutions? If so, please enter here along with your name, company and job title.
Other Comments:
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