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All too often, we receive calls about poor leadership practices. Many times, it boils down to a newly appointed manager that has not been provided with the tools to handle their new role. Their lack of leadership can drag-down your company’s productivity and morale. So, we’ve created the First Time Leader Workshop to teach new leaders how to transition into their new role, develop solid management practices and help them learn the leadership skill set they need to become successful.

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The Rock Hill events are CLOSED. Please see Columbia or Charlotte for the closest availability.


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Learn how to coach teams for communication, collaboration and conflict management.



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Ready or Not, It’s Time to Talk about Medical Marijuana.


Find out the implications for your workplace and how First Sun EAP can help.



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First Sun EAP Wins EAPA’s Excellence in EA Business Development Award


First Sun has been awarded the 2019 Excellence in Employee Assistance (EA) Business Development from the International Employee Assistance Program Association (EAPA) Awards committee. The award will be presented to First Sun at the EAPA 2019 Conference & Expo St. Louis on September 26, 2019. It is presented annually to individuals and EAPs and recognizes success in marketing, communication or advertising campaigns, content marketing, website, blog, social media, and other efforts that promote employee assistance.


We are honored to be the recipient of this year’s award. It amplifies the work we do to support our mission, “We Help People Be Better at Work.” It strengthens our dedication to give our clients a meaningful EAP experience. And it drives us to promote our message for people to not just buy any EAP but to believe in the value of their EAP.



First Sun, South Carolina’s Largest EAP, “Goes Digital” via wayForward’s Behavioral Health Engagement, Counseling and Analytics Platform


wayForward’s scientifically validated, user-driven programs and tools will enable First Sun EAP to engage, screen and monitor more employees than traditional EAPs



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Be Better Now - Employer Flyer


In The News

The Business Benefit of Employee Assistance Programs

Companies want proof that EAPs add value — and vendors are starting to respond. Also, the Hot List for EAP providers.


by Sarah Fister Gale         June 3, 2019


Employee assistance programs were originally created to address alcoholism and drug use in the workplace.


These programs have since matured to address a broad range of issues that can affect all aspects of employee performance and engagement. From the misuse of drugs and alcohol to stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and depression, they take on “virtually every problem an employee could have,” said Gregory DeLapp, CEO of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.


This evolution has also changed who runs the programs, he added. In the beginning, most EAP leaders came to the role through the training department or because of their own recovery. But today, most EAP professionals have a social work background or mental health training.


“It reflects what’s being offered and when,” he said.


Today, mental health is a leading driver of EAP investments and the services provided, and thanks to the growing social dialog about depression and anxiety, employees are more open to taking advantage of these offerings, said Barbara Veder, vice president of employee support solutions for Morneau Shepell, an HR technology and consulting firm in Toronto. “That leads to more early engagement, which is always the focus for EAPs.”


eap providers, employee assistance program


She noted that stress, depression and anxiety are among the top reasons why employees access EAP services, and she encourages employers to provide tools and services that help employees to be more proactive in their mental health care. These may include online assessments to gauge risks, rapid access to counseling rather than waiting weeks for an appointment, and wellness apps and self-directed programs to help “get people back to their best selves,” she said.


On the employer side, EAP providers are offering more data and analytics to help them understand whether these programs are being used, and what impact they may have on the business. “Having access to meaningful data allows employers to tailor their programs to the needs of the workforce,” Veder said. It isn’t just about gauging whether employees use these services. Good metrics also help them understand what intervention types are most appealing and how their use breaks down among employee groups. “A lot of people want to take ownership of their care, while others respond better to human interventions,” she said.


DeLapp noted that companies should be sure the data they are getting demonstrate actual business impact. “So much of what is sold today is based on measures of activity, like number of therapy visits, or calls to a call center,” he said. He argued that employers should be asking for outcome measures that demonstrate results.


Workplace Outcome Suite Impact


Many benefits leaders are finding this kind of data through the annual “Workplace Outcome Suite” report developed by Chestnut Global Partners, which uses workplace surveys to demonstrate the effectiveness of EAPs in business terms related to absenteeism, presenteeism, work engagement, workplace distress and life satisfaction. For example, the most recent WOS annual report found that before implementing an EAP program, companies saw an average of 10.92 hours of work missed over a 30-day period due to mental health related issues; after the implementation, it dropped to 5.64 hours — or an improvement of 48 percent. “It helps employers anticipate what impact an EAP will have on the business,” DeLapp said.


While EAPs are often considered separate from other benefits programs, it is also important to find synergies between EAPs and benefits offerings, he said. For example, financial pressures can cause stress and anxiety, so offering financial planning services, student debt repayment and other voluntary financial benefits can have the knock-on effect of easing workplace anxiety. “It’s an interesting dichotomy that should be considered when crafting any EAP program.”


Sarah Fister Gale is a writer in Chicago. Comment below or email editors@workforce.com.


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NEW YORK, NY – December 10, 2018

wayForward, a mental and behavioral health technology company, today announced its partnership with First Sun EAP (First Sun), a workplace-focused national Employee Assistance Program. The partnership enables First Sun to efficiently engage and screen more employees, extending the reach of their expertise and maximizing outcomes of their award-winning service. The wayForward platform gives employees easy access to scientifically validated assessments and screenings, and a structured, yet flexible approach to care. Through the app or the user’s desktop, First Sun can offer seamless support and access to one-on-one counseling when needed; the platform’s robust analytics will enable their customers to track employee progress and outcomes.


"Our mission is to make behavioral healthcare accessible to everyone, from any connected device, allowing behavioral health and wellness companies to more efficiently and effectively scale their services,” said Ritvik Singh, wayForward’s CEO. “Our goal is to enable companies such as First Sun to provide proven, cost-effective digital solutions for reducing the incidence and severity of emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. We’re excited to partner with First Sun to help extend their behavioral health expertise, improving employee outcomes and employer ROI.”


Independent, as well as internal studies, have shown that the wayForward platform improves employee engagement rates. According to wayForward data, a third of all employees complete the initial screening. Additionally, the regular digital outreach campaigns reach over 25 percent of the covered employees.


“First Sun EAP provides employees with personalized support and resources that remove barriers to productivity and enhance well-being, while providing employers with complete transparency so they can accurately measure the bottom line impact of our programs,” said Maria Lund, First Sun EAP President/COO. “The wayForward platform makes it convenient to reach and engage broader segments of the workforce, and gives employers detailed analytics about how our programs are improving the lives and the performance of their employees. The wayForward team made it surprisingly easy to enhance our digital offerings, which will make our services more efficient and effective going forward.”


The goal of both companies is to help increase employee productivity and morale while reducing the employer's exposure to risk, absenteeism, and turnover through evidence-based therapeutic guidance, tools, lessons, and coaching for employees at all levels.


To learn more about the wayForward platform, visit https://www.wayforward.io/.


About wayForward


wayForward (incorporated as PsyInnovations, Inc.), is a behavioral health technology company based in New York. Our mission is to deliver evidence-based programs and expert care using intuitive, user-driven, scientifically validated technology. The company is made up of a team of leading researchers, clinicians and behavioral health experts associated with Columbia University, University of Michigan, Yeshiva University, UC San Diego, and a nationwide network of licensed behavioral health providers and coaches.


wayForward’s platform delivers programs based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Positive Psychology, and covers more than five million individuals. You can reach us at tom.s@wayforward.io.


About First Sun EAP


First Sun EAP is a full-service EAP offering an award-winning employee assistance program, behavioral risk management, organizational consultation, and corporate and professional training programs to companies nationwide.

First Sun EAP is the largest South Carolina-based regional EAP. Our clients receive an unparalleled customer experience and custom workplace solutions to help them achieve their goals and maintain a healthy organization. You can reach us at 800-968-8143 or www.firstsuneap.com.