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We’re pleased to launch our First Time Leader Workshop!


December 11 – SOLD OUT

Second date added: December 13 • Columbia, SC



All too often, we receive calls about poor leadership practices. Many times, it boils down to a newly appointed manager that has not been provided with the tools to handle their new role. Their lack of leadership can drag-down your company’s productivity and morale. So, we’ve created the First Time Leader Workshop to teach new leaders how to transition into their new role, develop solid management practices and help them learn the leadership skill set they need to become successful.


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Kick-off Promotion:

Receive 10% off the total cost of December’s First Time Leader Workshop when you sign up three or more employees from the same company.


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Regional Manager Workshop

Gossip. Tattles and Rumors. They cause a culture of distrust within an organization. Come learn how to reduce negativity and conflict while building trust and respect. Leave with a clear path for your team to perform their best. Download the flyer.


Update - Aiken Region - new date and location


EAP 101 Webinar - Free

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Services Now Available

Video Counseling

First Sun is now offering video counseling for EAP counseling sessions as an alternative option to face-to-face counseling. These sessions can take place on a tablet, laptop or desktop. It is ideal for those who live in rural areas, have scheduling or child care challenges, or prefer services provided in the privacy of their home. These services, provided by our professional counselors, are fully secure, HIPAA and HITECH compliant and confidential.  Click here for more information or give us a call to find out more. 

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Court decisions and Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission guidelines have made
clear that employers should provide periodic
workplace harassment prevention training to all
employees. We are pleased to provide our clients
discounted access to Clear Law Institute’s
interactive online harassment training.  Click here for more information or give us a call to find out more.

Identity Theft

First Sun EAP offers affordable identity theft protection to safeguard your employees. We are proud to offer ID theft protection and fraud resolution to our growing list of award-winning services. This low-cost benefit is ideal for organizations seeking to stay competitive with benefits and retain employees. It gives employees peace of mind while giving them a strong resource to turn to if a fraud-related emergency occurs. Please download the flyer and call 800-968-8143 to add this voluntary benefit.



In The News

July 2017 Spotlight on Employee Assistance - Professional Spotlight

Name and position Maria Lund, President/COO, First Sun EAP

What do you like best about working in EAP? I like the fact that we are helping leaders to run healthier companies and employees to be at their best at work and at home. Our profession is all about facilitating “wins” for every person we serve.

What was your first EAP job? I was an EAP counselor for an external EAP.

What do you find is the most challenging part of your job? Truly, my job is not so challenging due to the extraordinary team of people I work with and the generous community of colleagues, which have make my work easy in many respects. That being said, my biggest challenge is to continue to find cost effective and meaningful ways to innovate our programs so we keep the quality and impact high.

What inspires you? Making time to do the constant work to be the best leader I can be to encourage, support, and inspire employees at First Sun and to work with them to create programs that have high integrity and value for all those we serve.

Sector Report: EAPs are Valuable but Underused

Workforce Management

May 23, 2017

by: Sarah Fister Gale

Employers are telling their workers: Use your EAP or lose it. ... Employee assistance programs have been proven to deliver real business benefits. ... past, said Lucy Henry, vice president of stakeholder relations for First Sun EAP in ...

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We are excited to announce our own Nancy Grunnet will serve as the vice president of SC Employee Assistance Professionals Association (SCEAPA) for a two-year term beginning in January, 2017.

Nancy, M.S., RODP, is First Sun EAP’s VP of Organizational Development and Training. A former LPC, Nancy began her career at First Sun EAP in 1997. She has 20 years’ experience working with organizations to help employees at every level succeed. Manager/supervisor skill building, coaching and team development along with generations in the workplace are merely some of the areas of her expertise. She has served as: SC Diversity Council Board Member, SCEAPA Board Member, World EAPA presenter, contributing writer for the EAPA Journal, Aiken Chamber Ambassador, President of the Submariners Wives Association and VFW volunteer in Aiken, SC.

First Sun EAP is proud to announce that Christina Isenhower will serve as president of the SC Employee Assistance Professionals Association (SCEAPA) for a two-year term beginning in January, 2017. SCEAPA is the state chapter of EAPA — an organization dedicated to supporting EAP professionals and providers and promoting the profession of EAP. Christina has been active in SCEAPA since 2010 and has served in various positions (i.e. vice president and secretary). This past October, Christina and her First Sun colleague (Nancy Grunnet — SCEAPA member at large) co-presented in Chicago at International EAPA. In 2013, Christina joined the First Sun family as a risk management consultant where she makes an impact helping employees, managers and Human Resource professionals. Mrs. Isenhower began working in the EAP industry in 2010.