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About Us
About First Sun EAP
Client Promise


    We are dedicated to

finding solutions together, meeting your needs

and making a difference.


We are committed to results.

  • We have a team member answering our phones rather than an automated menu system.  We do this because we believe it is more helpful to talk to a person rather than navigate a menu.
  • We are intentionally “staff heavy” compared with our competitors.  We believe that it is important to have an expert available when you need one.   We also believe that service quality to you and work engagement suffer when too few staff are burdened with too much work.
  • Our personal touch and “go-the-extra-mile” engagement are the business context which pulls us to provide exceptional service to our customers and our affiliates.  It also sets the standard for expectations for our own vendors.
  • By offering customized and tailored services that have a positive impact on the people within the organizations we serve, we want to help transform those people—and the money they help you make—into something exceptional. 


We care for each other.

  • As a small group surviving by teamwork, First Sun staff have to know each other personally.  We expect kindness, cooperation, and respect in our workplace.  We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers.  Unabashedly, we care about South Carolina business.
  • First Sun’s culture supports each of its employees being better at work and developing as a professional.  Staff members are encouraged to pursue training that helps them advance and be better at their jobs.
  • Every staff member is part of our strategic planning.  A strength of the small business dynamic is that each staff member can have a say in how we run the business and how we serve our customers.  We depend on that diversity of ideas.  All staff members are empowered with the authority to do what it takes to provide excellent customer service using our mission, values and their own good judgment as guides.


We are responsive to all requests.

  • Every call is important to us.  From the first person you speak with to your connection with a service resource, we pride ourselves in being responsive to your needs.  We have an array of services that help people in the workplace and in their personal lives. 
  • As a small business we have the flexibility to respond quickly and with precision to requests that leave customers satisfied.
  • We have specialized departments for risk management and Consulting & Training.  We listen to our corporate clients and know the problems that South Carolina businesses face.  And we look to partner toward solutions that work in the unique workplaces we serve.

We are aligned with the EAP profession.

  • We refer our clients to professionals with proven skills as documented by a combination of licensure or certification, experience, education and the recommendations of others. These professionals are also expected to keep current in their professional development and use only the best service practices..   The majority of First Sun staff hold CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Professional) accreditation. First Sun encourages even its newest employees to be affiliated with the EAP profession and consider the CEAP credential.
  • When we serve workers outside the South Carolina area, we often use resources affiliated with the “Workplace Collaborative.”  The Collaborative is an "invitation only" group of best practice EAPs in the US and Canada.  We are the South Carolina member of the Workplace Collaborative.
  • First Sun EAP adheres to EAPA (Employee Assistance Professional Association) standards and regulations.  EAPA is an organization that is made up of individuals and organizations dedicated to maximizing workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification and resolution of productivity issues. With a world-wide membership, EAPA is the recognized voice of the Employee Assistance field and is committed to helping others.


We work together as a team. 

  • We have a broad reach without losing our local touch.  We have solid knowledge of our local providers, resources, culture and customers.  
  • We also partner with health care providers and professional service providers such as corporate attorneys, career development professionals, and others.  The First Sun team maintains these relationships to provide one-stop shopping and seamless service.  This team approach improves responsiveness to your needs.
  • Shared knowledge through “hands-on” experience and education allows us to work as a team and play off each other’s strengths to better serve you. 


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