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About First Sun EAP
Client Promise

First Sun EAP is an organization born from the dreams of our founder, Don Lake.  First Sun was built by the hard work and contribution of every team member.  It was Don's desire to build a business that helped employees and clients grow and find success without being encumbered by "red tape."  He envisioned First Sun as an employer that would put caring for people, caring for teamwork and dedication to results ahead of obsession for profit.  This dream is the foundation for our business today...and one that carries us into our future.

The services we provide, the way we package and deliver those services, and the people we choose to partner with all derive from the foundation Don gave us.  Every staff member at First Sun knows our Client Promise and our vision:  To shine as we partner with organizations and the community to provide services that help people be better

To learn more, email us or give us a call at 800-968-8143 or 803-376-2668 in Greater Columbia, we'd love to answer your questions and see whether First Sun has a service that could benefit you.

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